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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have any cattle for sale?
    We will try to keep our page updated with our available stock. We will primarily be selling calves (once weaned) and potentially older bulls or cows, heifers from time to time. The best way to contact is via email, or through our social media accounts.
  • What types of Highland Cattle do you offer?
    We currently have a variety of small frame (some call these miniature or mini's), mid-size, and standard sized cattle. We prefer to maintain variety in our breeding stock and will show the lineage of the calves in our listings.
  • Registered vs Unregistered stock
    Available registration for each animal will be defined in the listing.
  • What to expect with Highlands?
    If there are any folks out there that love the looks of these animals and would like to know more information as to what it takes to raise their own cattle, please contact us. We'd love to chat and share our experiences, as well as provide as much information as possible to help you in your journey on finding, purchasing, and starting your farm.
  • What is involved in the purchase of the cattle, and how to get them to their new home?
    We try to do our best to accommodate the buyer with all the information necessary in the purchasing process. Cattle are a large investment of not only capital, but time and effort for both parties. We would love for anyone to come to our farm and view our cattle for sale, however we understand that's not always an option. We will send pictures, videos, records, and all paperwork associated with each animal. Once the buyer has evaluated all the information, and agrees to proceed with the purchase, we'll send over a purchase agreement. Once the agreement is executed, the buyer will be responsible for arranging the transportation from our farm to theirs.
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