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The R Cross 7

Our Farm

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We are located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in southeast Ohio. Our farm consists of a variety of animals including goats, chickens, dogs, and of course our beautiful Scottish Highland cattle. We purchased our farm in 2015 and started by building a small pasture for sheep. After quite a bit of research we decided to focus on highlands due to them being a dual-purpose animal as well as their amazing ability to forage and thrive in the forest environment we have. It is our goal to continue developing silvopasture on our property and raise majestic Highlands for our enjoyment and hopefully yours as well.

Our Story

Local Family Farm

We are a family of five (Dad, Mom, and three very busy boys) that loves the outdoors. The majority of our time is spent hunting, fishing, or planning for hunting season. Back in 2015 we were blessed with the opportunity to buy our dream farm. The home was built in the late 1800's. It had been at least 50 years since it had been maintained as a working farm. The barns had been torn down along with any fence. We started by remodeling the house (while maintaining its simple charm) and converting the old garage into a barn. Next was building our first pasture all by hand since we did not own a post pounder or tractor auger at the time.

We finally settled on Scottish Highlands as the breed of cattle we wanted to raise. We fell in love with their amazing coats of hair and ability to forage. In our minds, they were the perfect breed for a large operation or a small family homestead.

Since then, we are constantly working to expand and improve our pasture. As a family run farm, we are all involved in the everyday maintenance and the big projects that need done. It has given us the ability to teach our sons the value of hard work and animal husbandry while also providing them with an abundance of space to run and enjoy the great outdoors. We hope you enjoy our website and consider our available highlands in your search for the perfect addition to your farm.

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